Relaxation Massage

We all try to keep up with the demands of our family, work and social life, but this continuous grind can leave us tired and all stressed out. We often forego taking a break, not knowing that being constantly stressed will eventually take its toll on our health and wellbeing. Not only that, high stress levels have been scientifically connected to various illnesses and diseases such as high blood pressure and heart attack.

A lot of medical practitioners suggest doing relaxing activities at least 30 minutes a day. Just this fraction of time has shown tremendous benefit when it comes to lowering the risks of many health problems and ailments later in life.

Being involved in relaxing activities that we enjoy is a sure fire way to lower tension, enabling our mind and body to slow down and recuperate. One of the most effective relaxation activities people choose to do is having a relaxation massage. This type of activity which involves smooth rhythmic strokes and light pressure and often combined with slow music and nice ambience is specifically designed to help clients de-stress. Some benefits of having a relaxation massage are:

Relaxation massage restores energy
We seldom notice that we push ourselves beyond breaking point. Relaxation massage can help produce more energy by letting our bodies take a rest. This allows our body to efficiently recharge so we can do more.

Relaxation massage repairs our body
The human body has the ability to mend itself from the wear and tear we subject it every day. By undergoing a relaxing massage we are helping our body to recuperate and heal. If we continually deny ourselves of relaxation, the body will eventually weaken and be prone to more physical damage and illnesses in the future.

Relaxation massage increases mental alertness
Similarly with pushing our body, we also put pressure to our minds. Intense mental thinking can just be as dangerous as extreme physical work. During relaxation massage, we help our minds rest and refocus. Mental relaxation might as well be more important than that of resting our bodies.

Relaxation massage improves our mood
It’s undeniable: Massage feels good! Just taking a 30 minute massage therapy treatment can relieve stress and leave us feeling content. A relaxing ambience and soft music often accompanied with massage also contribute when it comes to alleviating stress.

Relaxation massage is extremely beneficial to our overall health. At Brisbane Massage Therapists, we can happily provide all the benefits of a great and relaxing massage with the help of our registered massage therapists. With vast experience and technical know-hows, we can properly tailor a massage to fit any of your needs. Take a break that you deserve!

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